• July 13, 2024

Are Newspapers on their way to Extinction?

In past few decades world has experienced a radical change in the way people communicate and the way they share happenings all around them. Social media sites are gaining popularity among people and are also becoming an important source of information provider. People are eager to know what’s happening around them and even more interested in getting world news today. To suffice the needs of people media sector has witnessed rapid transformation over time. Newspapers, dominated the information media over a long period as it was initially the only source of rapid information provider. But now, growth of technical aspects of getting online news has diminished its presence. Online news is holding onto the responsibility of updating viewers by providing them information about world news, regional news, breaking news, sports news, entertainment news and more. Shifting from print media, now visual form of news has gained popularity. In the era where a click can navigate to news related to all segments and happenings, newspapers have become way outdated. Internet has changed the world into a smaller place by giving people easy access to latest world news.  In seconds only you get to know about events happening in world. The best advantage of online news media is that one can view news as per his interest. The search bar features has slimmed down time constraint of accessing specific news to readers. Also, web-links are available with each news summary that gives related information of the events and their causes. Websites, social sites and forums like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and international news houses like the CNN websites, BBC and many more are the easiest ways to get world news. Online news been predicted as the future of information provider, newspaper publishers are also making a standout in this section. As a major part of world is interested in getting breaking news or news headlines during their work periods, so they are more intended towards getting world news today online fast and easy. This is the reason that now newspapers have invaded web technology to benefit from this development. Both offline and online versions of newspapers are available for people. It is not yet certain if print media based newspapers will suffer extinction as a huge part of world is still untouched by latest technologies. Also, there are several people of conservative thinking who still believe in the truth of contents being provided in newspapers.

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