• July 13, 2024

Impact of Media in Spreading Awareness Programs

Importance of news on global platform can be analyzed from the thought how certain regional news becomes national and soon global. We have seen importance of news for centuries on how effective it has been in spreading awareness. There are various sources being used for conveying information from one place to another. From the era when humans were the only message conveyors in, which they used to travel miles for passing on messages. At a later stage print media came into effect, which was a revolution of printing technology. National news on stage were presented to readers, but it had a few negative aspects in starting. Though being a conventional source, the news media was contained to metro cities only where transportation of newspapers was possible. For the rest of the nation, latest news remained untouched. Later on local news publishers started printing their regional newspapers such as Jharkhand news, Chattisgarh news and Jammu & Kashmir news. By this way newspaper readership was increased and awareness programs can be sent to all parts of nation. Though, the cost of publishing and printing was too much, but was imposed as communicative source because of ease of public addressing at different places. To minimize the daily expenditure on printing radio communication was invented, which modernized the way of message conveying. One time installation charge and mere amount of maintenance charges was quite acceptable by the governing bodies. Maintaining the security of the information, the radio message was coded in formats that can be read only by decoders. This was the first time when wired lines were used for sending messages from one place to another. Media looking at greater opportunities in communication technology further worked on it for improvement. News channels were introduced, which provided news from various parts of nation such as Jammu & Kashmir news. [News – Chattisgarh News]Posting news on media sources has helped people from grabbing information all round the globe. There are several factors associated with it such as easy reach to specific audience, immediate sharing of news, initiating global awareness, asking for participation of citizens in any global event and others. At current with rapid information transmission through internet world seems like a small place to live. No other

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