• July 13, 2024

Save with Our Tips – because money doesn’t grow on Trees

In a lot of ways saving money couldn’t be easier, it is simply a matter of cutting costs and not increasing expenditure. Fortunately in our society we have many luxuries that we can sacrifice to ensure we have a nest egg should anything go wrong. However, a man cannot live on bread alone and there has to be some glitter – this is where daily deals sites like Living Social come in to playLiving SocialLiving Social offers some of Ireland’s best deals at amazingly low prices. People can often save between 50-90 percent on everything from technology, to beauty treatments, as well as on days out and events among other things. The site works in the group buying manner and means that you can receive huge discounts on many of the things we used to treat ourselves on before things went a Deutscher chatlittle pear shaped. Signing up to receive the daily deals with D3ALS.ie means you get all the information for all these sites including Livingsocial.com in one place every day. InsuranceInsurance, particularly car insurance can be a very costly yearly expense. However, there are also many ways to save on this. Decreasing risk and shopping around are probably the two easiest ways to do so. With the abundance of insurance comparison sites for car, home and travel insurance out there it can be very easy to make savings on this necessity. The Internet has made finding Insurance extremely cheap and also extremely easy to do. Installing things like smoke alarms and burglar alarms can make a difference to premiums, as can lowering your excess. As regards car insurance, not claiming for every little tip, or broken windscreen can lower cost, as can driving safely. When you do receive a quote, remember the best ones are left for new customers, so shop around and if you are with your insurer for a while, hit them with the lowest quote you get and see can they match it.Learn to refuseIt’s all very easy to succumb to the pressure of your child when they want something; however learning to say ‘no’ when in a shop to your child is good for you, them and also your wallet. Children will respect you more and understand that money is a scarce commodity to be treasured, whereas you will be a better parent and also save some money and so be able to save. Trade in your carIf you bought an unnecessarily large car during the boom years because of the free for all access to credit, then just sell it. Not that many of us need a large 4×4 and those that do won’t have a new one for driving around the fields. Selling your super sized car and purchasing a more practically sized one can save you thousands, have a huge incidence in the amount of fuel you pay each year and also mean far less costly servicing bills. Cut down on what’s bad for youAlcohol and cigarettes are not cheap, especially in Ireland or the UK and a habit or even a brief night out can mean huge money. It is not uncommon to spend up to £100 on a night out once the drink is flowing and nearly the same again on cigarettes in a week if you smoke a box a day. Cutting out either or cutting down on them will ensure you feel better and also have more money. Livingsocial deals often offer hypnotherapy or other classes to help you rid yourself of those cravings. This can also mean you may want to take up a new stress relieving hobby with the extra money and time you have, or perhaps begin walking people’s dogs for money and so make a bit of extra cash. Use your libraryInstead of paying for expensive books or succumbing to the need of a costly eReader

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